avMari is a limited-run clothing label for the girl  who loves unique treasures. 
With a love for hand-made goods avMari collaborates with local craftsmen

to develop and produce every item.


All knits are made by hand in Norway by experienced knitters in love with their craft. They are made to order so please allow 4-6 weeks for the order to be ready.  

La Ville Rose Jewellery
In 2018 avMari launched the La Ville Rose Jewellery line which is made in collaboration with a jeweller in Jaipur, India. Each item is either limited edition or one of a kind. La Ville Rose - in english meaning the pink city is a homage to the jewellery´s origin, the pink city of Jaipur.

The origin of the label
The label is the creative lovechild of Mari Stølan - founded in Oslo, Norway in 2017. With a passion for local craftsmanship, sustainable business models and slow fashion – Mari juggles her personal brand with her day job as a business architect at Æra Strategic Innovation. 




Hellos and other inquiries 

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